We Indians have Home Remedies for most ailments and sickness. We all grew up under our Grandma’s watchful eyes! Our Grandma had a unique way to live by using indigenous herbs in her daily life. Be it stomach problems, sinus, sleep issues, cough or cold, grandma had a solution for each! Grandma’s remedies were not any less than magical potions of health. But unfortunately nowadays, these home remedies have fallen out of fashion, while many of us have resorted for artificial medicines over grandma’s kitchen-remedies. 

We need to pay heed to them now, as even science says that our grandmas were right! Desi Superfoods and remedies that were prepared by grandma provide wonderful concoctions loaded with nutrients. Grandma’s home remedies involves the use of herbs and spices like Turmeric, Basil Leaves, ginger, lemon, honey, ashwagandha, mulethi, cinnamon, mint, lavender, which acts as natural antioxidants and scavenges the free radicals in our body. With endless health benefits these indigenous herbs work at the roots to improve the quality of health. What’s amazing about them is that they are available at a fraction of the cost of prescribed drugs. A grocery bill will cover it! 

As Grandma says- “Drink the elixir that nature offers you, and no ailment shall touch your body!” Inspired by grandma’s way of living we have made an effort to bring out Grandma’s natural formulations to your daily lives! “SAURASYA brings you flavourful tea infusions from the goodness of Mother Earth. Each herb has been selected mindfully and blended together to create the perfect magic potion of health and immunity just for you”. So, are you ready to try these earthy and blissful formulations made from grandma’s secret book of health aimed towards a healthy and fruitful lifestyle? Gear up to bring Vitality and Health right from Mother Nature to your tea cup!

Team Saurasya


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