Our Story


Grandma says “Drink the elixir that nature offers you and no ailment shall touch the body”.

Saurasya Teas loaded with freshness and love, is a believer of grandma’s remedies. Our grandma’s had a homemade natural remedy for everything. Be it indigestion, acidity, sleep issues, well, they had a cure for all. Inspired by grandma’s way of living, health filled flavors were stirred to make earthy infusions that address the common daily health issues through grandma’s ways. Each herb has been selected mindfully and blended together to create the perfect magic potion of health just for you. Each cup of tea has its own unique flavor that soothes your senses. Saurasya teas are premium and luxurious yet affordable. Because we believe the cost of a healthy life should fit into everyone’s pockets. Saurasya believes in bringing health and vitality from Mother Nature to every tea cup. 


saurasya logo with a tea cup

The Name

Inspired by the miracles that ancient history offers us, we vouched for a Sanskrit name with roots in Indian history. This led to SAURASYA meaning well flavored. The name does justice to the wellness teas, which not only provide health benefits but are also relished for their flavors.

While the lockdown gave us a hard time, it also reminded us of what was most valuable to us. Something amazing it made me do was revisit stories around my grandmother’s famous kadhas or herbal teas that were magical remedies to so many ailments. Earthy, rejuvenating and magical, each cup delivered a different spectacle. Since I grew up resorting to natural remedies (thanks to my grandma and mom), I applied it successfully in the health plans for my clients too. During the lockdown, I dived deeper into it. Being equipped with my critical thinking and practice of nutrition, I paid close attention to how the many herbs interacted with our body. It was a gold mine. And that goldmine of health and bliss became a new venture. With Grandma’s earthy blissful touch and food science, we started Saurasya in 2020. And believe me, each cup of saurasya tea is a different joyride.

Vriti Srivastav

Founder & Holistic Nutritionist

Tea is something which grew in me as a personal interest, and seeing what good herbal teas can do to us, the interest deepened further. I felt why not dive into a part of this industry to be able to serve and spread health benefits of herbal teas. Herbal teas have been a part of my daily routine and it led me to embrace the idea of passing on the benefits of age-old recipes through earthy infusions. Saurasya as the name suggests provides vitality and health through well- flavored earthy infusions.

Ankita Newaskar

Founder  & Entrepreneur

Saurasya teas are amazing they are very refreshing I am honestly very much addicted to them. Every cup is refreshing, every flavour has it’s uniqueness.
Mrs. Neelam Mansutra

Know your tea!